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Why Your Cardio Equipment Is the Heart of Your Health Club

This is an IHRSA featured post, brought to you by Spirit Fitness.

The Urban Dictionary, that online anthology of streetwise slang and meme culture, has an entry simply titled: “Don’t be gentle, it’s a rental.” This is a reference to a certain type of consumer attitude about the disposable nature of rental cars: “I don’t own it, so why care about it?” 

Health club owners can relate. In a sense, they have a whole floor of rental cars in their “fleet” of cardio machines. Your equipment has to withstand a tremendous workload from a constant stream of people of different sizes and fitness levels. Simple wear and tear is enough to distress a piece of equipment that lacks solid engineering and durability.

The “don’t be gentle” attitude eventually forced rental car companies to be more aggressive in damage claims on insurance. They’ve worked hard over the years to reduce their exposure to misuse of their fleet.

Health clubs are limited in that regard. Their equipment has to be durable enough to withstand the constant punishment—period. Being “gentle” to a cardio machine is not a top priority to people trying to get a great workout. Even responsible members can damage an expensive treadmill in an instant.

Tough as a Tank, But Looks Like a Sports Car

Being tough isn’t enough, of course. You want your treadmills, ellipticals and other machines to look good, too. Showcasing your club to potential new members usually starts on the cardio floor. This is the area of your gym where you win or lose new prospects. A smattering of “out of order” signs on machines isn’t going to help close the deal. Frequent breakdowns frustrate current members, too, who will seek an alternative if their preferred machine is always out of order.

According to IHRSA research, “nearly half of all annual equipment spending (45.9%) was allocated to cardio machines.” That’s a huge part of your budget. This is a decision you have to get right, especially if you’re an independent gym just starting out. Beyond the initial investment, having poorly manufactured machines can cost you in multiple ways. Maintenance and repair fees add up quickly. And trying to make up the margin later with “enhancement fees” never goes down well.

Consumer expectations about functionality are also higher than ever. Machines have to be technologically advanced, with intuitive controls that don’t require a lot of instruction, along with wide range of settings and options to accommodate multiple demographics.  

So you need a line of equipment that’s as tough as a tank, but looks and operates like a sports car. And you want it priced like an economy car.

The Value Proposition

The bottom line is value for the money. A company culture that establishes an ability to delivering cost-effective equipment will be critical to club operators whose survival depends on limiting repair and replacement costs for equipment.  

Spirit Fitness has long been known for their commitment to the value-for-the-money proposition in fitness equipment. Founded in 1983, Spirit Fitness has spent decades laser focused on perfecting their line of cardio machines—ellipticals, rowers, treadmills, steppers, and fitness bikes—with the goal of creating durable equipment with up-to-date technology for a wide range of demographics. 

Spirit is now launching their new 900 series line of commercial equipment. Created from the ground up to satisfy the needs of performance and durability, Spirit’s 900 series cardio equipment can stand next to premium branded equipment by offering the same benefits of quality and reliability.

The components, biomechanics, and performance of the 900 series provide the user with an outstanding workout, so your members will love the functionality. You’ll love the price. Because Spirit owns the manufacturing, they’re able to provide highly competitive equipment at a lower cost. All of their products are made in their ISO-certified factories to ensure superior quality of each unit. 

Health club operators know that their investment in equipment depends on getting the highest quality machine for each dollar spent. With Spirit Fitness, they’ll encounter a company dedicated to making that investment pay off.

To learn more about their 900 series line of cardio equipment, visit Spirit Fitness’s commercial website or email their sales team today.