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3 Ways Exercise Makes You Better at Life

Exercise is more than an avenue to weight loss. In addition to all the known mental and physical health benefits (chronic disease prevention, cognitive, and mood benefits), it turns out exercise can also make you better at life.

1. Exercise helps you focus and be productive

Studies show that physical activity helps sharpen focus, improve memory, lower stress, boost creativity, and facilitate faster learning. These benefits translate directly into better job performance. For example, better mood makes networking and connecting with clients and colleagues easier. Boosted creativity and productivity helps you finish projects more quickly. A Harvard Business Review article even argues that exercise is so beneficial it should be considered an essential part of your  job.

2. Regular physical activity keeps you healthy and happy

Physical activity confers plenty of benefits that make you a happier person. Regular activity helps you sleep better, encourage socialization and reduce depression, lower stress and cynicism, and make you happier by releasing endorphins.

3. Physical activityespecially when done togethercan improve your relationships

Exercise helps improve energy, which means couples—or friends—have more time for each other. Physical activity is also known to boost confidence and self-esteem, and research shows that low self-esteem in one or both partners can negatively affect the health of a relationship. Exercise also decreases stress and improves mood, which can reduce the likelihood of getting into unnecessary fights.

Exercise provides an opportunity for couples to have shared experiences. It turns out hitting the gym, tennis courts, pool, or practicing yoga together can help your marriage last longer. According to a study published by the Australian government’s Institute of Family Studies, couples married the longest held up their shared experiences and memories as a chief factor in their relationships.