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Latin American Health Clubs Generate $6 Billion in Revenue 

The health club industry in Latin America is robust and growing, according to the new IHRSA Latin American Report (Second Edition).

Brazil and Argentina Lead the Pack

The 18 Latin American markets analyzed in the report generate US$6 billion in revenue from more than 65,000 clubs. Nearly 20 million Latin Americans are members of a health club, according to the report, which was sponsored by Hoist Fitness and produced in collaboration with Mercado Fitness (Argentina) and supported by Fitness Brasil.

Brazil, alone, accounts for more than half of the health clubs in Latin America with 34,509 facilities. Argentina has the highest penetration rate among all Latin American markets as 6.8% of Argentineans belong to a health club.

“The health club landscape in Latin America is dynamic and has undergone significant developments since 2012,” said Guillermo Velez, editor and director of Mercado Fitness. “In addition to the growth of the low-cost segment, other developments, including economic indicators, increasingly savvy consumers, technology, the boutique phenomenon, and professionalization have all impacted and shaped the industry in Latin America.”

Opportunities Abound Across Latin America

While club operators and industry experts have observed growth amidst market developments in the region, opportunities abound in Latin America. The report shows the average penetration rate of 2.15%, signifying potential for growth. Along with Argentina, Brazil and Mexico have member penetration rates exceeding 3%, at 4.6% and 3.2%, respectively.    

The IHRSA Latin American Report is an indispensable tool for club operators, investors, and market analysts,” said Jacqueline Antunes, IHRSA’s senior manager of Latin America. “Club operators can use the report to identify trends and areas for growth, while investors can use this valuable reference to identify profitable opportunities in the region. Finally, analysts and other stakeholders can rely on the report to explore the state of the industry and outlook for health clubs in Latin America.”

The IHRSA Latin American Report (Second Edition) (77 pages) is currently available in Spanish as a PDF. It will be available in English and Portuguese soon. Contact Jacqueline Antunes, IHRSA’s senior manager Latin America, at or +1 617-951-0055 ext. 171 with questions or to order by phone.

In related news, the IHRSA State of the Mexican Health and Fitness Industry Report (64 pages) is available  as a PDF in Spanish and English. Published in December 2016, this report is the first comprehensive publication of the fitness market in Mexico.