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5 Hilarious Exercise Motivations, from Peanut Butter to Revenge

Exercise enthusiasts say the darndest things…

There are many legitimate reasons to pursue a physically active lifestyle—better mood, lower risk of health problems, and improved physical stamina, just to name a few. But lets face it—sometimes people need to focus on a less-healthful goal to motivate themselves to hit the gym. And those goals can be pretty funny. 

Since 2014, IHRSA has asked the fitness industry, legislators, legislative aides, and consumers to share why they pursue a physically active lifestyle as part of our #WhyGetActive campaign. Some people took this question more seriously than others.

Here are the five funniest reasons we found that motivated people to get active. 

1. To Eat ALL the Food

2. For the Ladies

3. To Look Better (Whatever That Ideal Might Be)

4. Basketball Skills

5. Revenge

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