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Consider Applying the Decluttering Movement Ethos to Your Club’s Data

This is an IHRSA featured post, brought to you by InTouch Technology

Lifestyle trends tend to be cyclical and short-lived, so it’s rare to see a genuine movement take on a life of its own like today’s preoccupation with “decluttering”: the process of discarding material objects to create a more pleasing living environment.

The most famous advocate is Marie Kondo, a Japanese-born author of several books about “the life-changing magic of tidying up.” She prescribes an almost spiritual approach to a less-is-more ethic by discarding the objects in your house that don’t spark joy or inspiration.

Other self-styled decluttering “gurus” have followed Kondo’s lead, and so many people have adopted her method, that her name has become more of a verb than a noun. Reasons for the popularity of decluttering is its implicit logic and the cathartic act of tossing out the old and useless. It’s about getting to the essence of what’s important, of what we should be focusing our time on.

Decluttering Your Data

Applying decluttering to a business environment can lead to creative solutions when you think of it in terms of eliminating distractions and data that don’t serve the core business mission. This is especially true when considering technology services, which are constantly changing by increasing functionality and data metrics.  

Drilling down to the pertinent details about retention and sales can be obscured by dashboard clutter and other add-ons that don’t necessarily serve a club’s key performance indicators (KPIs). These numbers need to be accessible and clear. Sales staff, management, and club operators thrive on quality data that concisely tells them what’s working and what’s not.    

The problem with some out-of-the-box tech solutions for health clubs is a tendency to overload the user with too much information, or present a nonintuitive interface or a design that gets in the way of essential information.

An article on highlights what makes great business software by taking a “vs.” and making it an “and.” They say your business software should have:

  1. Power vs. and simplicity
  2. Efficiency vs. and emotion
  3. (Be adoptable to) power users vs. and casual logins
  4. Unobtrusiveness vs. and beauty

You need to ask if your software does that or if it’s busy and confusing.

Finding Clarity Without the Clutter

When deciding on your options for club management software, it’s important to look for those who specialize in health clubs. InTouch Technology is such a company, with a history of building sales and retention software just for health clubs. Their “InTouch Follow-Up” product has been a leader in providing sales management solutions that use a disciplined, configurable process that is easily adoptable for sales teams and managers. 

Their newly released “InSights + Goals,” which was featured at IHRSA 2017, is a new reporting tool that combines dashboard views with company, club, and individual goals. The interface makes it easy to access and monitor KPIs, with detailed reports so you can drive the greatest potential from your sales efforts.

Early testing by some club operators have earned raved reviews. Jason Jaquays-Tarbox, of Golds Gym Syracuse, called it “very responsive,” adding that the software has an “awesome ability to drill down to details, changing my level of confidence in staff accountability. We are changing call scripting based on the metrics. Love, love, love the fact I can do this on my iPad. Now reports are a part of the morning commute.” 

If you missed InTouch Technology at IHRSA 2017, contact them for a free demo presentation. You have nothing to lose but your obstructive tech clutter.