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Exercise (and Health Clubs) Play Important Roles in Cancer Prevention

February is Cancer Prevention Month, and IHRSA is teaming up with the American Institute of Cancer Research (AICR) to spread the word about how healthy behaviors can help prevent cancer.

6 Healthy Lifestyle Habits to Prevent Cancer

According to AICR, 50% of the most common cancer types can be prevented by six healthy lifestyle habits:

  1. moving more;
  2. sitting less;
  3. eating a healthful diet;
  4. avoiding smoking;
  5. protecting your skin;
  6. and getting vaccinated.

Regular physical activity alone can reduce the risk for post-menopausal breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and endometrial cancer.

Physical activity can also help reduce the risk of recurrence in people who have had cancer, and can decrease fatigue and increase quality of life during cancer treatment.

For more data on the health benefits of exercise for prevention, treatment, and survivors of cancer, search our database of health promotion research.

Health Clubs’ Role in Cancer Prevention

Health clubs can play an important role in helping their members and communities prevent cancer through exercise, and the IHRSA Foundation is launching a pilot program, ACCESS Health: Cancer Wellness, at an IHRSA club in California this year. The program focuses on using physical activity, nutrition, and stress management to improve quality of life outcomes of cancer survivors. Data from the pilot will inform future health-club based programing for cancer survivors.

 Join IHRSA and AICR in promoting Cancer Prevention Month and the benefits of exercise using the hashtags #CancerPreventionMonth and #WhyGetActive on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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