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4 Health Clubs Share the Valentine's Day Love with Members

Some might say that health clubs and Valentine’s Day are a match made in heaven.

It seems like every club has a story about spouses who met while running on adjacent treadmills, or instructors who fell for each other in the group-X room. So it makes sense that health clubs tend to offer quite a few Valentine’s Day-themed workouts and promotions.

Here’s what four creative IHRSA member clubs did to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2017.  

1. Fitness Formula Clubs’ ‘My Sweaty Valentine’ Zumba 

Chicago-based Fitness Formula Clubs is doing a number of Valentine’s Day-themed promotions and classes this year, company-wide and at specific clubs. Here are just a few examples:

  • My Sweaty Valentine Zumba Free Cardio Dance Class at Navy Pier. “FFC is partnering with Navy Pier through March 30 to offer free cardio dance classes from 6 – 7 p.m. in the southwest corner across from Ben & Jerry’s every Tuesday/Thursday evening! On Tuesday, February 14, join us for a special Valentine's Day My Sweaty Valentine Zumba class and get moving!”
  • Add Your Spouse for $50 for Existing Members. “When it comes to staying on track, we know it's all about accountability. That extra motivation and inspiration can often be the one difference between achieving your goals or not! We're making it super easy to add that accountability into your life.” 
  • Couples Massages at FFC Lincoln Park. “Treat yourself and your spouse, partner, or significant other to a couples massage in the month of February in order to relax AND recover faster! Couples will enjoy a 60-minute massage, champagne, and strawberries. Register in the Spa.”   

“FFC's purpose as a company is to enhance the lives of our members and guests by improving their overall health and well-being,” says Megan Zink, assistant marketing manager for Fitness Formula Clubs Corporate. “We realize that this transcends beyond ‘just fitness’ and we strive to create welcoming and engaging environments that people look forward to coming to, no matter what day of the week it is. Through special events such as Super Bowl watches, Valentine's Day Zumba classes, or season-specific get-togethers like rooftop member appreciation parties, we enjoy fostering a sense of social community and the opportunity to get to know our members better!”

2. Corporate Fitness Works’ Gives Hashtags a V-Day Twist

Corporate Fitness Works (CFW) is celebrating Valentine’s Day by putting a healthy twist on some “romantic” trending hashtags—#mcm (Man Crush Monday) and #wcw (Woman Crush Wednesday). 

CFW’s social media team is recognizing the company’s team leaders who have carried out good deeds, inspired healthy habits, or are a positive influence in well-being.

“Our first Corporate Fitness Works crush was on Lisa Madden, one of our group-X instructors, who inspires balance by continuing to teach while raising to little ones, with another on the way,” says Elaine Bispo Smalling, CFW’s director of marketing and PR. “She hasn’t stopped there—she also introduced a brand new wellness program at one of our client sites that in its first week already has four times the participants registered as the initial goal.” 

CFW is posting its #mcm and #wcw posts on its internal Yammer feed in addition to all its social media pages throughout the month. They are also encouraging their industry partners to name their Valentine’s Day crushes.

“It’s all part of our mission, to lead a health revolution that move everybody!” Smalling says.

Valentine’s Day-themed workouts are also cropping up at CFW. One of the team leaders in Florida is sending members on a hunt for 30 candy hearts strategically hidden around the wellness center. They are color coded, 10 with strength exercises, 10 cardio, and 10 core. Once they complete the hunt they get their name on cupid’s board.

3. Sportsclub Spreads the Love Throughout February

Sportsclub, a multi-club chain in South Carolina, has opted to “spread the love” throughout the month with heart health nutrition seminars, blood pressure screenings, and a blood drive.

“We also celebrated Go Red for Women Day on Friday by, of course, inviting both members and staff to wear red,” says Andrea Merritt, program director. “We set up a special table with heart healthy info from the AHA for members to take with them.”

Sportsclub’s Member Appreciation Week also happens to end on Valentine’s Day. During that week, clubs set up appreciation tables loaded with healthy treats and other grab-and-go goodies for members to enjoy. The juice bar staff kept an eye on the table and refilled it as needed.

“We used to do a one-day celebration and realized that if members didn’t come on that day, they missed it,” Merritt says. “So, last year I started doing simpler snacks and extending it for a week. Now members who come any day of the week will be sure to get something.”

Merrit says she spends about $500 per club on snacks, and that this time of year they get about 1,000 check-ins per day at each club.

“The feedback is always good,” she says. “Members are happy to find a little treat and most are pleased that there are a lot of options.”

4. Commonwealth Sports Club’s Buddy Week

At Commonwealth Sports Club, Valentine’s Day isn’t just one day, and it isn’t just for romantic partners—it’s “Buddy Week.”

“Interested in a Valentine's Day workout? How about a Valentine's Week?!” reads the copy of the Boston, MA health club’s Valentine’s Day-themed promotion. “At Commonwealth Sports Club we've dedicated a whole week to working out with your loved ones, February 13-19. Bring your Valentine, friend, neighbor, cousin or coworker for a workout or a group fitness class! You're sure to find your niche with services and amenities like ours!”