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Capturing the Fitness Resolutionist Year-Round

Attracting new members to your health club can often be feast or famine. During the first few months of the year members sign up in droves, but by the summer months membership sales tend to drop off.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

“As a health club operator or owner, you do not only want to rely on your three busy months out of your year to achieve your membership sales success,” says Amanda Konigsberg, general manager for Active Wellness. “While it is incredibly important to achieve your performance expectations during the busy time, goals are budgets and not real numbers. You need to have a plan to achieve during the slowest months as well.”

Konigsberg will share her membership strategies in our Thursday, January 12 webinar, “Capturing the Resolutionist Year-Round.”

How Club Operators Can Avoid Their Slow Season

To avoid your club’s slow season, Konigsberg recommends that you study the cycles in the health club industry and your own demographic area, and use that knowledge to build alternative income streams to counteract the off-season.

“Just do not let attention to the alternative stream overtake a focus on the primary business,” she says.

Some alternative revenue streams to consider: 

  • Finding residential and community partners to sell discounted bulk guest passes to
  • Offering mini memberships beginning in March
  • Utilizing platforms like GILT and Groupon
  • Getting creative about staying in touch with prospects 

Membership Sales: A Never-ending Strategy

“Membership sales and marketing are a never-ending strategy,” Konigsberg says. 

In her January 12 webinar, Konigsberg will go more in-depth on her membership sales and marketing strategy.

“Webinar attendees will learn how to leverage a participation-driven culture and continuously integrate and optimize programs for your staff to stay ahead of the competition,” she says. “You’ll be able to create a mindset of how your brand will engage and motivate your new and existing members.”

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