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September 15 Webinar: Learn How to Generate 7-Figures with 30-Minute Training 

How do you eliminate a client’s number one excuse: “I don’t have enough time”? Most 60-minute workouts are not only hard to fit into a client’s schedule, but could also be leaving them overworked and lacking results. 

Brent Gallagher, owner and performance coach at Avenu Fitness, will share his strategies to give clients big results in a short amount of time during his Thursday, September 15 webinar, “The 30-Minute Model: Generating 7-Figures with 30-Minute Training.” 

We asked Gallagher a few questions about his presentation to get an idea of what attendees can expect to learn. 

What are some of the strategies you'll be sharing to help club owners increase their training revenue? 

  1. Understanding who is the right fit for the 30-minute model and who is not.
  2. You’ll discover the answer to this simple question: Does more time equal better health?
  3. Implement a model that allows your trainers to see more clients during peak hours.
  4. The 30-minute model reduces the burn out rate for your personal training team.
  5. Increase personal training client retention by giving clients their time back.
  6. Refocusing our facilities message to get clients back to the basics of living fit and health: Sleep more, eat better, and train less. 

Can you explain the 30-minute program and the benefits to using it? 

Let me ask you this: Does more time equal better health? Let’s see who’s healthier: 

  • Client #1: Trains 60 minutes, sleeps 6 hours and eats ‘healthy’ 50% of the time
  • Client #2: Trains 30 minutes, sleeps 7.5 hours and eats ‘healthy 80% of the time. 

Hands down it’s Client #2. Why? Because they have built a foundation around the basics of living fit: Sleeping more, eating better and training less. When you build a lifestyle around these fundamentals, we begin to truly transform the communities we serve for the long-haul and can literally cut workout times in half. 

The magic of the 30-minute program is that it simply gives you, your team and your clients their #1 asset back: Time. Nothing is more valuable than an individuals time. 

Think about this: What’s the biggest cost for a client to train with a trainer? Money? Sacrifice? Sweat? Nope. It’s their time. It’ time out of their already crazy, stressed, jammed packed to-do list, busy day. 

If we can help our communities accomplish their goals in a more efficient manner, we become the go-to fitness destination for any one who’s strapped for time and still longing to live a fit and healthy life—which is basically 99% of the population!

What takeaways will attendees leave the webinar with? 

  1. The strategic steps to convert clients from 45 or 60 minute sessions over to 30 minute sessions.
  2. How to design 30 minute programs by answering this question: What problem am I trying to solve?
  3. Learn a unique sales system that gives your team clarity of purpose and a brilliant strategy to build a million-dollar training department.

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