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Bryan O’Rourke Reveals What You Need to Know About Building a Leadership Legacy 

To show our appreciation for the industry leaders who support IHRSA's efforts to Grow, Promote, and Protect the industry, IHRSA has launched the “ILC Spotlight series.” We hope this series will help you get to know more about our industry's leaders, what they've learned along the way, and how they view leadership. 

ILC Spotlight: Bryan O’Rourke

What is the most fulfilling part of being a leader in this industry?

Helping professionals and organizations during what is, to me, the most exciting time in the history of the health club industry is very fulfilling. 

As an owner of health club businesses, being involved with leading global brands and organizations means I get to be a part of contributing to the future of a huge, emerging industry and that is exciting. Changing customers, emerging technologies, and a global marketplace are creating great opportunities and challenges. We are poised to triple the size of our global user base in the next decade. 

Providing vision, support, and guidance to professionals, organizations, and brands who want to be a part of this huge growth story is a great honor and endeavor. We can and will help change the world through the delivery of increasingly relevant experiences that improve lives through exercise. Making even a small difference and being a part of that story is really exciting to me. 

If you were able to go back in time, what is one piece of advice you would have given your younger-self about working in this industry?  

Take a longer view and always give first. All great things take time, constant effort, and most importantly, entail us all working together to reach common goals. 

In order to help the greater good and make an impact, we all have to see the big picture by taking a longer view. Giving to the ILC and being a leader who seeks to do things for others first, builds the foundation for all of us together. I am certain that when I look back and reflect on having given to the ILC, I will be very happy that I did.  

What prompted you to join the Industry Leadership Council (ILC)? 

I joined the ILC after getting more involved with IHRSA and its leadership years ago. Being a part of the ILC was a logical step in order to give and support the greater good of IHRSA because of its important role and mission.

Public policy and overarching strategies that help to promote our industry are not only fulfilling, they are an obligation for everyone to give back. Remember, legacy always trump currency. We have to build this industry space for the leaders of the future. The ILC allows people like me to do just that. 

Reader Comments (1)

Thanks for sharing this blog post. I am truly honored to contribute and appreciate the change to do so.
May 17, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterBryan K. O'Rourke

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