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Shape the Future of the Health Club Industry by Joining the IHRSA Board

If you’re an IHRSA member club operator interested in promoting the association and the fitness industry—and having a little fun while you’re at it—now is the time to consider applying to the IHRSA Board!

The IHRSA Board of Directors is an elected group of industry leaders who are chosen to provide strategic direction and insight to the association. The mission of IHRSA is to promote, protect, and grow the health and fitness industry, and board members act as ambassadors charting the course of the association.

Who Should Apply to Join the IHRSA Board

“The board looks for member club owners and principals that are highly engaged in the association and industry,” says Allison Flatley, chief strategy officer for Corporate Fitness Works and chair of the IHRSA Board Nominations Committee.

Engagement comes in many forms, including: 

  • Participating in industry events and IHRSA programs; 
  • Leading education sessions for our future leaders; 
  • Sharing trends and best practices at conferences or in digital or printed articles
  • Promoting public policy as an active ILC member; 
  • Serving as international or regional association leader;
  • Encouraging others to participate in IHRSA membership, programs, and meetings.

“A strong board candidate should have the professional experience to represent clubs or management companies and members of IHRSA,” Flatley says. “It is always helpful to have a diverse group representing different professional experiences, demographics, geographical locations, business types, club sizes, etc. Most importantly, a good board candidate must be able to make unbiased decisions. We need representatives that can think for the good of the association and industry.”

Why You Should Join the IHRSA Board

There are many benefits to serving on the IHRSA Board beyond the prestige of holding a position that helps to guide the association and the health club industry.

“First, board members have the pleasure of working closely with IHRSA’s CEO and staff; they are a diverse and talented group of professionals that work hard to advance our industry and serve the association members,” Flatley says. “Second, the shared time with other board members is extremely rewarding and fulfilling. Being able to collaborate with so many successful leaders is inspiring. Plus, you develop close relationships and network with industry colleagues.”

And, while the typical Board of Directors may call to mind a stuffy, formal organization, the IHRSA Board is anything but.

Board Members playing spike ball during a break at a recent meeting.

“The IHRSA Board practices what we preach by incorporating activity into our meetings,” Flatley says. “Some of my favorite highlights include running, walking, yoga, and weight training while discussing industry best practices or brainstorming how to grow the industry.”

The Board of Directors’ term is four years. The time commitment is five to 10 hours per month, including travel to three two-day board meetings and committee participation. Travel costs for the Board meetings are covered by the association.

How to Apply to Join the IHRSA Board

New Board Member applications are due July 31, 2016.

The application process involves answering seven questions about your involvement in the health and fitness industry, and with IHRSA. We are also interested in your involvement in civic or community affairs and/or national and international association activities. We request at least five industry references.

All applicants are screened and interviewed by at least three members of the IHRSA Nominations Committee. Interviews are done over video chat.

Learn more about the IHRSA Board, and download the IHRSA Board application form

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