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A Q&A with Blink Fitness President Todd Magazine

Todd Magazine, the president of Blink Fitness, Equinox’s new high-volume/low-price brand, spoke to Club Business International about his plans to grow this new franchise concept. 

CBI: Blink is an appealing, but rather ambiguous, name—similar to Apple and Amazon. Where did it come from? What do you want it to convey? 

Todd Magazine: The name was inspired by our brand vision, “Fitness for Everybody,” which is shorthand for our desire to democratize high-quality fitness and make it accessible to as many people as possible. So we were looking for an interesting name that connoted something that everyone does frequently and naturally. 

The idea of “blinking” quickly became the front-runner because, every time you blink, you refresh your eyes and your view. We thought it represented exactly what we were trying to do—refresh people’s view of the high-volume/low-priced (HV/LP) club segment. Our vision statement has since become “Fitness for everybody. Everybody blinks.” 

CBI: How do you describe the Blink offering? And its value proposition? 

TM: Blink Fitness is changing the HV/LP segment by offering its members “Mood Above Muscle,” a new and fresh philosophy that celebrates the positive feelings you get from exercise—not just the physical benefits. It resonates with a much broader audience because it showcases the immediate benefits of exercise. The physical results take time and patience, which is why so many people give up, or never even start, exercising. 

CBI: Can you elaborate on that a bit? 

TM: We bring the Mood Above Muscle idea to life with what we call our “Feel Good Experience,” which offers five things no other gym in this segment is providing: We’re “Mood Lifters” who greet and treat members with respect.
We have an “everyone cleans” philosophy with respect to club upkeep that permeates our staff culture. Our gyms are designed to inspire by being colorful, open, and bright. We specifically select energizing music to help motivate members. And our training programs boost confidence—not wallets. 

CBI: To focus on you for a moment: You have an impressive corporate resume. Which of your previous assignments best prepared you for your current responsibilities at Blink? 

TM: That’s kind of you to say. In many ways, I feel that all of my previous work experiences, and some of my personal experiences, have prepared me for my role at Blink. On the work front, I learned about building brands of passion, particularly ones in the health and wellness space, such as Advil, Gatorade, and Quaker Oatmeal. On the personal side, my father was a corporate controller and my mother was a real estate broker, and I went to college hoping to pursue an architectural career. I’ve been an athlete and an exerciser my entire life. 

CBI: Given that, where do you work out, and what does your typical routine consist of? 

TM: As you might expect, I’m a loyal and passionate Blink member. I typically work out four to five times
a week, including two to three times at Blink with my personal trainer. On the days that I don’t go to Blink, I play tennis or run out-of-doors. 

Read more about the Blink Fitness franchise concept in the May issue of CBI.

Reader Comments (1)

Great article and philosophy. The Blink franchise will add to all our efforts to grow the Industry.
June 10, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterJim Worthington

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