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April 14 Webinar: Sales Training for Personal Trainers Who Don’t Like to Sell

Personal trainers don’t choose their career to become salespeople, but—like it or not—they must be involved in the sales process in order to foster a successful personal training program. 

“The biggest [barrier] is that personal trainers think of ‘sales’ as a dirty word,” says Michele Melkerson-Granryd, general manager for BB Fitness Studios in Austin, TX. 

In her Thursday, April 14 webinar, “Sales Training for Trainers Who Don’t Like to Sell,” Melkerson-Granryd will explain how health club operators can encourage their personal trainers to get involved in the sales process in a palatable way. Personal trainers often assume that sales involves approaching members mid-workout, but, today, there are more effective and comfortable ways for them to promote their services.

“They might not be your direct personal training salesperson, but they’re definitely part of that process and they need to have their head in the right place,” she says. “It does need to be part of their mindset that they are really selling themselves every time they are in the club.” 

In the hour-long webinar, Melkerson-Granryd will help attendees: 

  • Gain insight into the psychology of your staff and clients.
  • Learn how to change the perception of “sales."
  • Explore how to generate leads and referrals.
  • Review easy sales techniques and scripts to share with your trainers.
  • Discover the importance of relationship building. 

Webinar attendees will gain “techniques to retrain the trainers’ perception of their position in the sales process, and what they can do to increase the comfort of their position in that sales process,” she says.

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