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Expert Panel to Design Adult Fitness Tax Credit

Since 2007, Fitness Industry Council of Canada has been advocating for an Adult Fitness Tax Credit. This included commissioning an economic report from the Centre for Spatial Economics (CSE) in 2007, which indicated that the introduction of an Adult Fitness Tax Credit would save the government $625 million in net health care costs over five years.  At the time, 3 of 5 Canadians supported a tax credit to encourage physical activity.

In 2013, the federal budget office estimated that an Adult Fitness Tax Credit could cost $268 million over five years.  With an implemented Adult Fitness Tax Credit, the CSE report also estimates that the number of physically active adult Canadians would increase by almost one million people.

“This is great news for the fitness industry and all Canadians,” says David Hardy, President of the Fitness Industry Council of Canada.  “As an industry association, we have been working for eight years to implement this tax credit, and today we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  In addition to encouraging more Canadians to get more active, this initiative will also help in the prevention of several chronic diseases and untimely save health care costs and reduce lost work days due to illnesses.”

The 2011 election platform stated that an Adult Fitness Tax Credit would be implemented “to support Canadians in choosing a healthy, active lifestyle [and the Government] will establish an Adult Fitness Tax Credit, to cover up to $500 in registration fees for fitness activities for adults.” This commitment would “[help] avoid major chronic health problems, and [increase] overall well-being. And there’s a huge range of activities that can help achieve these goals – from hockey at the rec centre to time on the treadmill.”

The Government implemented a $500 tax credit for children’s fitness activities in 2007, and then bumped the eligible amount to $1,000 on October 9, 2014. Fitness Industry Council of Canada is proud to announce that our efforts have a made a difference in improving the health and well-being of Canadians. For more information, please visit

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Appreciate your honesty. Just started reading your blog today. I think I will learn so much!
I absolutely love the transparency of this post! Bravo for being so open! I just open your site this morning and looking forward to reading about your posts

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