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Perfect Your Staffing and Compensation Practices

How do you strike the critical balance between what you can afford to pay them and what they might deserve to be paid?

To answer that question, IHRSA has conducted an extensive employee compensation and benefits survey for more than a decade, gathering comprehensive staffing and salary data from leading health club companies across the U.S.

The recently released 2015 IHRSA Employee Compensation and Benefits Report describes salary, benefits, and human resources (HR) practices for more than 300 fitness facilities. Nearly 60 corporate and club-level job positions are reviewed and analyzed. Data breakouts are available by club type, number of locations, sales volume, and U.S. geographic region, allowing you to compare your own salary data with the most relevant benchmarks.

Responding to employment trends, the report documents job creation within the industry over the past few years, providing compensation figures on new titles. For the first time, you’ll find data for operations managers, social media specialists, health and wellness coaches, dietitians, nutrition coaches, and group cycling, barre, and martial arts instructors.
The emergence of these new positions reflects more than rising employment levels in the over- all economy. Accelerating social media utilization, improved health awareness, and growing club membership levels have all contributed to the creation of these fitness-related careers.

Because it’s difficult, if not impossible, to make good hiring and compensation decisions in a vacuum, you’ll likely find the information in the IHRSA Employee Compensation and Benefits Report indispensable. Use it to compare your staffing and compensation practices with those of leading clubs just like yours to gauge what you’re paying.

For example, this year’s report shows that independent club operators pay general managers nearly $12,000 more in total annual compensation than the average reported for all the clubs participating in the survey. The independents also pay their social media specialists an average of $19.89 per hour, and their marketing directors an average of $65,637 in total annual compensation.

With detailed stats such as these, you can further develop, reshape, and refine your compensation strategy as required.

Looking ahead, the report also notes that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that the number of jobs for fitness workers will grow by 13% through 2022. You’ll want to plan accordingly as you seek qualified staff to administer new programs, coach new members, and execute your marketing and social media strategy.

According to a separate, nationwide World at-Work Salary Budget Survey, companies are planning to increase their salary budgets by an average of 3.1% in 2015. How does your projected payroll budget compare?

To purchase the IHRSA Employee Compensation and Benefits Report, simply visit

And, if you need help finding new hires, visit IHRSA’s Use this handy tool to review industry job descriptions and search for promising candidates. You also can sign up for IHRSA’s HR Digest, a free monthly e-newsletter, to access other resources that are useful to both employers and job seekers.

Your staff is your most valuable resource; IHRSA wants to help you to make it the best! 

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