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Street Workout Wonders!

By Craig R. Waters

CBI thinks that Life Fitness is definitely onto something. A group of remarkable young people in Russia and the Ukraine have convinced us of that. And we’re sure that other equipment manufacturers, as well as health clubs, will soon be capitalizing on the opportunity that Life Fitness has identified. Back in 2010, CBI called it “Fresh Air Fitness,” but, today, the concept has a sexier, more exciting ring: it’s called “Street Workouts.” And it’s happening everywhere.

Do a Google search on “Street Workout,” and you’ll find hundreds of citations: from “Street Workout Boston” to “Street Workout Hungary.” Today, there are Street Workout world cup competitions in the U.S., Norway, Spain, Germany, Croatia, Taiwan, and Russia, and, last year, the Street Workout World Cup Super Finale was held in Moscow.

I was exposed to, or, rather, immersed in, the phenomenon when a friend sent me a link to “Incredible Street Workout Strength Demonstration in Russia."



What the young men and women featured in this video are capable of doing with their bodies is nothing short of amazing. Forget CrossFit! Forget Tough Mudder! This is a demonstration of intense athletic prowess, of human physical potential, unlike anything I’ve seen before.

The equipment these “street” athletes use is as simple as it gets: pull-up bars, parallel bars, pole dancing poles, a hodgepodge of free weights, and the adult equivalent of jungle gyms. Which brings us to Life Fitness.

The company’s SYNRGY360 series is about as sophisticated a “jungle gym” as you can imagine—a multifunctional training platform that was designed for indoor use. However, its new SYNRGY BlueSky Training System models, introduced in March at IHRSA 2014, consider the great out-of-doors their home. They accommodate, among others, press, row, step, abdominal, and leg raise/dip exercises, and are constructed from powder-coated galvanized steel, making them virtually oblivious to the weather.

Look at a BlueSky unit, and it’s easy to picture it in a public park or on a school playground, but Life Fitness is more imaginative than that: it’s targeting health clubs.

SYNRGY BlueSky Training System“In 2014, the hottest trends in fitness will be directly under the sun,” blogs Ashley McLean, the training and education manager at the Life Fitness Academy (LFA). “Why go outside? Research indicates that moderate exposure to sunlight can increase your mood, boost your Vitamin D intake, and propel your sweat count. Plus, a healthy dose of fresh air is invigorating for all involved.”

Greg Highsmith, Life Fitness’ director of product management, describes BlueSky as “a trailblazer for the small-group contingent, a boon for the outdoor exercise movement, and a cutting-edge exercise tool with a variety of configurations.” He goes on to list a number of the many other benefits of outdoor workouts—for members, clubs, and, obviously, prescient equipment manufacturers.

A number of other companies—including TuffStuff Fitness International, HOIST Fitness, Nautilus Commercial Fitness, and MoveStrong Functional Fitness, also produce multifunctional training platforms—and I’m sure they’re busy working on their Street Workout smarts.

The street athletes in Russia and Ukraine are anxious to try their stuff out!

- Craig R. Waters is the editor-in-chief of CBI and can be reached at

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Nice article. Street Workout is great.
April 30, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterStreet Workout

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