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Getting feedback from members is imperative to improving

If you don't know your members aren't happy then how are you supposed to fix it?

That is one great thing about getting feedback and suggestions. Whether they are in person, through Facebook, a form on your website, e-mail or an old-fashioned suggestion box, all forms work.

The key is, however, is taking them into consideration, as a management team.

This week's Best Practices talks to three experts and gets their ... um, feedback ...  on what works best.

 Q: How does your club solicit feedback from members about any/all aspects of their club experience, and how is that feedback used?

A: WoW uses an online customer support system, whereby members can open help-tickets for any questions or issues they may encounter. The system is branded WoW but runs via software called Zendesk. Internally and to members, it is referred to as Contact Us. Contact Us tickets can be opened via kiosks located at each club and also accessed online. WoW has a dedicated team of four individuals who read each ticket. Tickets are answered within 72 hours. We have a manager who tracks “issues and trends” and reviews recurring topics with department directors or in corporate team meetings.

Stephen Roma
WoW Workout World
Brick, N.J.


A: Communication with members is innate to our philosophy of treating the whole person. We solicit, listen and respond to feedback in a multitude of ways, both formal and informal. Comment cards are available at all desks and all comments are reviewed each week by the management team. From our front desk staff to our membership team, exercise specialists to waitstaff in the restaurant, we routinely ask our members about their experience and how we can make it better. We always take their comments seriously and look for ways to effectively address concerns and celebrate and build on what is working.

Ruth Stricker
The Marsh
Minnetonka, Minn.

Our members give us feedback through Facebook, via suggestion forms, to department heads and directly to me. I work six days a week, 10 hours a day, and members often come up to me and give me their input - even when I'm working out. We then discuss each issue during our weekly staff meetings and decide what needs to be done, if anything. Sometimes members request the strangest things. In the end, it’s up to me to decide whether their request will be fulfilled.

John Chen
General Manager/ Vice President
Fitness Factory
Kaohsiung, Taiwan 




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