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Grow Your Club’s Personal Training Business

Brent Darden at the 13th IHRSA European CongressIn his presentation on “The Business of Personal Training: Best Practices” at IHRSA’s European Congress in Madrid on Oct. 19, IHRSA Chair Brent Darden talked about growth opportunities. Darden is the owner of TELOS Fitness Center in Dallas. He offered the following guidelines for developing a thriving personal training business in your club:
  • Price for Production: Charge customers a higher price for more experienced trainers.  Increase the price for trainers that are booked and not available to take on more clients. Trainers will push back for fear of losing clients, but Darden has found that there is little drop off from clients.
  • Develop Tiered Pricing: There are five levels of personal trainers at TELOS. Trainers earn more as they advance to higher levels. They also charge more per session, so the club nets more as well.
  • Focus on Net Revenue: Think beyond commission and the flat rate you pay trainers when calculating program expense. Be sure to allocate costs for benefits, as well. 
  • Establish Incentive Plans: Have your trainers and supervisor agree on budget goals. If the trainer hits their goals, let them know that they will earn some kind of bonus or incentive.
  • Define Advancement Systems: Let trainers know how they can move up in the system (In TELOS’s case, through the five levels). Determine pay and commission rates for each level. To reach a higher level, the trainer has to be producing more revenue. It is not a simple matter of seniority.

Check out Brent Darden's webinar "Personal Training Management - Eight Critical Components" in the IHRSA Store. Only $39 for IHRSA members.


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