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Live from New York: It’s Tuesday Night!

By Mia Coen

Greetings, CBI readers! It’s Mia, here, reporting live from New York City, where I’ve been checking out the scene at the David Barton Gyms, a very upscale designer club brand that’s taken off here in the Big Apple. DBG is going to be our design feature for November, and rightfully so! David’s gyms are gorgeous—not overdone, not pretentious—and very homey. There are three locations here in the city, in Chelsea, Astor Place, and Uptown, as well as other locations in Miami and Chicago, and another in Seattle. I had an amazing opportunity to meet David and get a personal tour of his Chelsea and Astor Place locations last night!

First impression: David is a hard worker and very detail-oriented. He’s always popping into his gyms around town and makes his rounds constantly. He’s had a hand in every aspect of design that goes into each gym, from the flooring to the ceiling color. He says the experience is what makes a gym so special. It doesn’t have to be costly or extravagant—just a fun place to work out where privacy, cleanliness, and taste meet mood, energy, and wellness. You won’t find any fluorescent lighting in a David Barton Gym; they’re all decked out with subtle track lighting (multi-colored, in some cases) and spot lamps hanging from the ceiling. That way, when you look in the mirror, you don’t see all the flaws, but can picture what you’re working toward. Plus, when you’re motivated by DBG’s slogan, “look better naked,” you can’t help but try harder. 

Today, I’ll be meeting up with his reps at the Uptown location, rumored to have a completely different feel than Chelsea and Astor Place. I can’t wait to see!
I’ll follow up with the full scoop upon my return.
Until next time!

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