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Easing Back Into the Routine

By Jennifer H. McInerney

I haven’t been to the gym for a whole week, thanks to the most miserable cold I’ve had in probably a decade. I’ve been so sick and energy-depleted that I couldn’t even conceive of pulling on my gym shorts, never mind climbing onto the elliptical or hoisting dumbbells. Even though I’d been leading a healthy and fit lifestyle, this cold absolutely walloped me. I was down for the count.

But, today, I’ve got my gym bag packed and ready to go (at least my bag is ready to go!) for my first after-work workout in what seems like forever. Even though I’ve missed only a week of workouts, I feel like I have a month’s worth of ground to make up.

I know, I know: I’ve got to take it slow, and not get too carried away my first day back. I’ve made a tentative plan to start with the recumbent bike and see what happens. See if I can breathe. From there, I might try some other cardio machines, or skip right to some strength-training. I realize that I might have to lower my usual weight amount (along with my expectations). And maybe take longer breaks in between fewer sets.

Whatever happens, I definitely want to work on my abs. In just one week, my midsection has gone soft! (On the plus side, having essentially lost my sense of taste has helped me to actually lose a few pounds in the past few days…)

I hope none of you have caught a cold like this recently but, if you have, I’d love to hear some helpful tips on how you got back into your routine, or how you would advise your members to ease back into exercise. (Please share your thoughts in the “Comments” box below.)

And, don’t worry! I will wipe all of the equipment when I’m finished with it, just as I always do. I’m no longer contagious, but just in case…

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