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Pay Structure For Trainers

Brent Darden and Ryan Vogt discuss the pay structure for personal trainers:

Q: “Do you pay personal trainers an hourly rate for floor time? Is floor time scheduled in advance and part of their required job duties or are personal trainers allowed to come and go as they please?”

A: Yes, like almost all clubs I have talked to, we pay personal trainers for floor shifts. For this aspect of their responsibilities we pay them $10.00 per hour, which is commensurate with others in the industry. The floor time is scheduled at least one month in advance so that they can schedule personal training sessions around these hours. Typically, these floor hours are consistent from month to month so that trainers can plan accordingly and have a regular routine. Newly hired Trainers may work 15-20 hours per week on the fitness floor until they complete educational requirements and build their clientele. As the Personal Trainers become more senior and begin to maintain a full client load, we reduce the number of floor hours required of them down to a minimum of 3 one hour floor shifts per week. Even though our trainers charge $85 to $250 per hour for a training session, they all earn $10.00 per hour for this duty.

This responsibility and any others are covered in the position description they sign prior to being hired. They are allowed to set their own schedule to a large degree, but they must be present for the specified floor shifts.

Brent Darden, General Manager/Owner
TELOS Fitness Center

A: All of our personal trainers are paid an hourly rate for their floor time. The majority of our personal trainers are full-time, working a minimum of 32-hours per week. Our facility offers an initial consultation to each new member upon their joining. We pay our trainers their floor rate for their consultations. This rate is usually $10-13 per hour.

The trainers receive 1-hour of floor time/administrative time per 8-hours worked. We do not set specific times for them to use these hours. The requirement is that they document what they did during this time for example: phone calls, emails or intentionally working the floor. Intentionally simply means that they are working the floor with a purpose. This task may include such things as meeting 5 new members, inviting 10 women to attend the upcoming women’s workshop, leading a 10-minute core conditioning segment, or updating the fitness incentive/ client success boards.

Our personal trainers are not allowed to come and go as they please. Each trainer has a specific shift that they are required to work. If their schedule does not warrant the use of more floor time hours then they simply clock out. If a trainer would like to use more floor time then allotted for them, they clear this with their fitness director.

Many clubs choose to use their trainer to walk the floor and be available to answer questions. We have found that this leads to a staggering payroll number. Our club has developed a great floor staff team that works for a lower hourly rate then a trainer and frees up time for the trainers to grow their clientele.

Ryan Vogt, Fitness Director
Tri-City Court Club

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