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CBI Goes Greener!

By Jennifer H. McInerney

Those of you who regularly read “Green Scene,” my bimonthly column in CBI magazine, may be interested in this latest development: on Monday, we here at CBI decreased our paper-printing output by nearly 100%!

Let me back up…You see, the magazine you receive each month doesn’t just come out perfectly the first time around; there’s a lengthy, laborious process involved. After researching, writing, and editing the articles and various departments, we submit all of the issue’s text to our design team. They take our words and lay them out with the images we’ve collected, and e-mail us back a set of portable document format files, or PDFs. Prior to Monday, we could view the PDFs on-screen, but we were unable to make any edits unless we printed the pages out, marked them up, and faxed them back to the design team. After our designers made the corrections, they’d e-mail us another set of PDFs, and we’d go through the whole process again (and so on, and so forth).

Imagine all that wasted paper—on both ends of our operation—month after month. Yes, we recycled it all…but, still, it was painful to watch all those sheets of paper needlessly spooling off the printer.

And then, on Monday, our editorial office had Adobe Acrobat Pro installed. I know—it sounds like such a small, mundane upgrade, but it has increased our internal efficiency exponentially! Now, we can make edits directly to the PDF files and e-mail them back to our designers, without printing out a single page of our 100-page plus magazine.

As CBI’s resident “Green Queen” (my unofficial title, of course), I’m beyond jubilant! If I had a contingent of royal attendants, I’d command them to summon the trumpets to herald the news: We’re saving paper! We’re saving time! We’re saving money! We’re greener than ever before!

Now that our office has eliminated our primary reason for printing out paper, perhaps we can go 100% paperless in the near future…and get rid of our printer altogether.

While we’re on the topic, did you know that CBI magazine now comes in a digital-only format? Click here to read it now.

And if you’d like to request a hold on your print copy of the magazine and sign up to receive the digital-only version, simply e-mail

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