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Shower Planning

Hervey Lavoie discusses how many showers you'll need for your club:

Q: “Is there a formula or guide for assessing how many shower stalls in a locker room when redesigning?”

A: While there is no rule of thumb for the number of showers per locker, most facilities fall in the range of one shower per 18-24 day lockers. That said, there are many other usage factors to be considered that will influence this ratio.

  1. Is your locker count correctly derived? Many clubs have more day lockers than will ever get used. Better to set your shower count based on anticipated usage related to the basic capacity of your primary member attractions such as tennis courts, treadmills, group exercise rooms, etc.
  2. What percentage of your exercising membership actual change clothes at your club and take a shower? In today’s time-starved world, many clubs in residential markets will see up to 60 percent of their users arrive ready to work out and not interested in showering afterward. Of course, clubs in urban, business centers will see a high percentage of their users needing to change and shower every time they use the club.
  3. Programming patterns can greatly influence shower demand. If scheduled programs such as yoga and aerobics all end at the same time, you can expect a real rush for showers immediately thereafter, especially in the women’s locker room.
  4. The shower type also matters. Gang showers will not be as popular as shower stalls. Privacy showers will be the most desired because they have a dry changing area immediately adjacent to the shower chamber.
  5. Are your locker rooms well planned? Comfortable? Attractive? Clean? User Friendly? If so, usage rates and shower demand will be higher than if your locker rooms are like the neglected step-child of your club.

Hervey Lavoie, Architect and President
Ohlson Lavoie Collaborative

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