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Personal Training Conversion Rates

Jen Poljacik and Nicki Anderson discuss the characteristics and conversion rates for personal training in the top performing health clubs:

Q: “For a high-end, training-emphasized fitness center, what would be a conservative estimate of percentage of members who could be expected to sign-up for personal training (PT) each month?”

A: Five to ten percent of your existing members engaging in PT in a conservative estimate. I know this is much higher than what the industry standards are estimating currently. This percentage only applies to a high end club with an emphasis on PT.

On the other hand, an established club that is dedicated to their PT operating sales systems (for example, Pro-Fitness Program) to drive PT could estimate 15-20% of your existing members engaging in PT. Again, I base this on my personal experience of what I have witnessed in the industry and the many clubs I have been in contact with. At the River Valley Club, we use the Pro-Fitness Program and have a 25% penetration rate on members engaging in PT. We have been in business for twelve years and have been dedicated to making this happen for the last ten years.

Our members count on us to educate, motivate and guide them to their best physical fitness. The only way I know how to achieve this is by getting them involved in PT. I firmly believe it is our moral obligation to sell them solutions to their fitness problems.

Ms. Jen Poljacik, Executive Director
River Valley Club

A: The percentage of members who will enroll in PT depends on how well you know your members and how strong your marketing strategy is. If they’re all coming to your facility because the facility is high-end, many are probably independently fit. By that I mean, your members likely have a high Exercise Intelligence (EI) which means they don’t typically use a trainer because they feel they know all they need to stay fit.

However, even if they are EI, you can market your PT services so they becomes less of an option and more of a necessity. For example, if you’ve got a lot of runners as members, market to your members by sharing the benefits they’d receive from working with a trainer, like increased speed and time or fewer injuries. For your golfers, promote taking strokes off their game while enhancing endurance. Offer a complimentary session. Better yet, host an event in which your trainers discuss the benefits of hiring a trainer for various activities.

You have to know your members and what they need instead of what they think they want. Then and only then will you be able to turn members in to PT clients.

Ms. Nicki Anderson AFP, CPT, President
Reality Fitness

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