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Proposal Would Raise Physical Education Requirement, Educators Fear Cutting into Academics

Last week, we reported on a state lawmaker in Wisconsin trying to pass legislation that would require 30-45 minutes of physical activity during the school day for students not enrolled in a gym class. Now, Rep. Chad Weininger’s effort is getting pushback from school administration officials who say incorporating more physical activity into the day would force them to “re-evaluate instructional time.” Officials do support Rep. Weininger’s idea, but like most schools, are grappling with how to fit it all in.

The debate prompts consideration of outside facilities—i.e. health clubs—to help fill in the void left by cuts to P.E. and recess. Perhaps to the surprise of some, the health club market is already serving millions of American children. The dearth of opportunities for exercise in school could be a great opportunity for health clubs to grow their business, appealing to both children and their parents.


Health Club Is Safest Place for Cardiac Arrest

People who suffer sudden cardiac arrest at a fitness center are more likely to survive than those stricken at other indoor locations such as restaurants or malls, a new study finds.

IHRSA supports AED legislation that contains necessary liability protections—use and non-use—for club owners and their employees, reasonable staffing requirements for staffed and unstaffed clubs, and adequate compliance time. Read more about the study…

Read more about IHRSA's position on AEDs.


“A Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name”

IHRSA works with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to speak out about ways to encourage all Americans to live healthy, active lives. This includes blogging regularly for the Department’s blog, Be Active Your Way.

This week, IHRSA writes about how to get more Americans exercising in health clubs by capitalizing on a club’s friendly, community environment. Read the blog post…


NYT Columnist Fails to Understand True Importance of Personal Trainers

Fred Bruni, a regular columnist for the New York Times recently wrote an article about the rising superficial culture of personal trainers. Aside from the caricatures that Bruni uses to frame his argument, his article seems to ignore the highly qualified personal trainers who are on the ground in health clubs, helping those who need it most change their lives. Personal trainers teach deconditioned individuals how to exercise safely and effectively, putting them in control of their own health. Read the article…


County Health Data Demonstrates Need for Health Clubs

According to research findings reported by USA Today, a state’s healthiest county “tends to be in a suburban area characterized by higher-income residents, meanwhile the least healthy counties have higher concentrations of poor residents, who have worse eating and exercise habits.”

Read more…