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See How Your Legislators Work(out) With You

Has scheduling a meeting with your member of Congress ever intimidated you? Have you ever viewed these people as policy wonks in suits that cannot relate to the issues you face as an average citizen?

If you nodded your head ‘yes’ in response to either of these questions, you’re not alone.

Here’s the truth. Believe it or not, your legislators work for you.

So picture your legislator as an average person—someone just like you. They wake up each morning, enjoy a good sweat session, eat a healthy breakfast, and then jet off to work refreshed and ready to start a new day. Sound familiar?

In fact, what if I told you that Senator Catherine Pugh is an avid runner like your cousin Joe (she even helped start the Baltimore marathon) and that Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is an avid surfer. In order to stay mentally and physically alert, many legislators (like many of us) prioritize exercise and look for ways to ensure others are given equal opportunities to experience the positive benefits associated with a physically active lifestyle.

To demonstrate the truth in this statement, IHRSA is hosting the fourth annual #WhyGetActive Health Policy Fair on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, October 11. As in years past, this event engages members of Congress—and their staff—in national efforts and policies to promote physical activity and gets them to share their personal reasons for being active. The day-long event will also feature interactive exhibits from IHRSA members and IHRSA allies, free body composition screenings, massages, and a group workout.

“It [physical activity] is so, so important,” Rep. Ron Kind (WI) said in a speech during last year’s fair. “As we know, we’ve got to change the culture in America, we’ve got to make it easy for more people to be more active. Basically, we have to make the healthy choice the easy choice in people's lives—that means not only physical activity, but nutrition.”

So consider this. The next time you go to schedule a meeting with your legislator, perhaps an alternative option may be inviting them to tour your health club. Because it’s always okay to mix fitness and politics.