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Federal Government Provides Incentives for Tracking Body Mass Index

For the health club industry, this is another important step in getting the medical community to discuss healthy weight and behavioral modifications, such as exercise, with patients. Research shows that patients, especially those who are obese or overweight want their medical providers to give them direct advice about weight management. However, the same research shows that many doctors are not discussing healthy weight and behavioral modifications. The new incentive program from the federal government could help more doctors to “prescribe exercise as medicine” to their patients.

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Medicare Implements Wellness Changes

For health clubs working with local physicians, the new Medicare rules could mean an increase in referrals of obese, older adults. “There are an increasing number of clubs in the industry creating specialized programs for this population,” says Helen Durkin, executive vice president of IHRSA Public Policy. “For these clubs, the Medicare changes means more potential members coming in their doors because more doctors will be counseling and referring their patients on sustainable weight loss behaviors, including exercise.”

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