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IHRSA Editorial: Exercise Pays Dividends

This week, Helen Durkin, IHRSA's Executive Vice President of Global Public Policy is featured in McClatchy newspapers across the country, promoting the physical and economic benefits of exercise, explaining that policies that encourage greater physical activity will pay off down the road.

"Investing today in America’s physical and mental health is investing in our country’s future prosperity," Durkin writes.

Read the full article here.


Commentary: Exercise Shields Women from Breast Cancer

This week IHRSA’s Executive Vice President of Global Public Policy, Helen Durkin, is featured in McClatchy News, a leading news outlet for members of Congress and other policy figures in Washington, discussing the importance of exercise to women battling breast cancer. In the article, Durkin urges the reshaping of environments to encourage and incentivize primary prevention measures, most of all exercise, so that women with breast cancer have more opportunities to get the care they really need. “If our culture, physical environment, government policies, and approach to health care work against exercise and other forms of primary prevention, the chances are that one of the best defenses a woman has against breast cancer — and against many other diseases — will be left unused, and for all practicality, outside her reach.”

Read the full column here

Helen Durkin

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Champion for the health club industry. Committed advocate for physical activity, primary prevention, and public policies that promote wellness because it will take more than personal responsibility to get the world active.