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Huffington Post Blog: “Make Prevention a Priority”

For The Huffington Post blog, Kathy Lim Ko, president of the Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum, writes a compelling post about multi-faceted approach necessary to successfully combat unhealthy lifestyles. “Preventing obesity associated chronic diseases and improving our nation's public health requires policy, systems and environmental change,” she says.

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Joe Moore Speaks Out on Huffington Post

Joe Moore, IHRSA President and CEO, is speaking out about the high cost of unhealthy lifestyles in the Huffington Post Blog this week. As chronic disease, obesity and physical inactivity continue to plague America’s health care system, driving up costs and greater demand for care, Moore encourages a deeper reflection not only on individual health, but how medicine is practiced and how Americans choose to live.  

“If America is to hold back the cascade of medical spending, dig out of the debt we currently are under, and improve our potential for global economic competitiveness, we must realign the fundamental philosophy of how health care is practiced in America and establish public policies and community programs that promote and support primary prevention.”