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August 1 Issue

Which Type of Reform Is the Best Fit for PHIT?

Here’s the latest intel from IHRSA’s ‘man on the ground’ about what is happening on Capitol Hill and how key decisions could impact health clubs and the fitness industry.

Can Being Social Improve Wellbeing? Does Playtime Make Children Smarter?

Every month, IHRSA’s Alex Black explains the latest health news and why it matters to your business via Facebook Live. Bummed that you missed yesterday’s chat? Here’s your recap.

#PassPHIT to Get Americans Moving Again

"Many leaders in the public policy arena now recognize how far-reaching the ramifications of a sedentary population can be..." - Helen Durkin, IHRSA’s EVP of public policy in The Washington Examiner on why PHIT could be the change Americans need.


To celebrate  & all the gyms with dance programs pls enjoy Shake It Off 1989 Aerobics Edition.



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