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November 7 Issue

5 Pieces of Legislation that Still Haunt the Fitness Industry

We’re not seeing dead people this Halloween season, but we are being haunted by scary bill proposals from years past. Check out the five scariest pieces of legislation we stopped defeated over the last few years...if you dare.

How an Active Population Contributes to Success at Home and Abroad

This week we celebrate Veteran’s Day to honor the men and women that have served our nation. Unfortunately, Veteran’s Day also reminds us that 70% of the U.S. population is not able to serve due to health reasons. We interviewed retired U.S. Army Brigadier General Blake Williams to learn about this problem and what clubs can do to help.

Looking for Your Next ‘Employee of the Month?’

Hiring the right staff members is one of the most important steps any business can take on the path to success. Unfortunately, the recruiting process can often raise a number of legal questions that can make your head spin. This is why IHRSA has legal briefing papers that give your health club specific information you need to make informed business decisions. Here’s an exclusive look at the Recruiting and Hiring Briefing Paper.

Accommodating Members with Alzheimer’s Disease

Did you know that November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month? Join us in supporting affected individuals by helping them live happier, healthier lives through exercise.


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