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October 10 Issue

IHRSA Board Members Meet with Speaker Paul Ryan

On September 26, Jim Worthington and Ray O'Connor attended a fundraising dinner and presented the case for PHIT to Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan (R-WI). This was a great opportunity to reinforce the case for PHIT that Jim Zupancic, another Board Member, made to Speaker Ryan earlier in the month. 

Why Talk to Politicians Who May Know Nothing About How Your Business Works?

They know nothing about how your business works, and yet, they’re making big decisions that can affect it. Here’s how you can take action to change that.

Five Reasons Exercise Is Great for Women

In four minutes or less, IHRSA’s Alex Black, will give you five entertaining reasons why any woman’s “embrace of fitness is smart.”

Pennsylvania Recognizes Active Aging Week

Pennsylvania recently passed a resolution recognizing the benefits of exercise for older adults. If you are interested in getting a similar resolution introduced in your state, IHRSA can help.


 has 97 sponsors! Thank you to these sponsors for supporting physical activity and healthy lifestyles. 

— Oct 10, 2017

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