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IHRSA Recommends Behavior Counseling Outside Doctor's Office

The United States Preventive Services Task force is proposing that U.S. insurance plans cover "intensive behavioral interventions" for obese or overweight Americans with at least one other risk factor for heart disease. The USPSTF is a federal advisory panel that researches and reviews primary care preventive health services. Learn more about USPSTF here.
IHRSA supports the proposal, and thinks "intensive behavioral interventions" should include counseling in a health club. In their comments to USPSTF, IHRSA said, "Behavioral counseling in a fitness-center setting provides a cost-effective and valuable alternative to the primary care setting. We urge policymakers and community leaders to recognize fitness centers as important collaborators in the effort to promote a healthy diet and physical activity for cardiovascular disease prevention in adults with known risk factors." 

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