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IHRSA Recognizes Fitness Centers During "National Public Health Week"

IHRSA recognizes the contributions of fitness centers to public health during "National Public Health Week"

It is National Public Health Week, which honors the contributions made by the public health community, and highlights issues that are important to improving America's health. The campaign is sponsored by the American Public Health Association, which recognizes the importance of physical activity. Last December, the APHA supported "Health in All Policies: A Guide for State and Local Governments," a guide that promotes a multi-sector approach to improving community health, and urges access to safe places for exercise.
Physical inactivity is one of the greatest problems facing America today, and while many health clubs may not feel they are doing "public health work," they are. By helping people exercise, they help reduce rates of chronic disease and obesity, which improves quality of life and reduces medical costs. A few examples of clubs engaging in public health work include:

  • Providing a safe space for adults and children to exercise
  • Helping people improve their health by educating them on the importance of exercise
  • Creating a supportive, group environment to fuel health improvement
  • Giving Americans of all ages access to one of the best medications on the market: exercise
  • Providing resources on heath and wellness to their community

So on behalf of IHRSA, Happy National Public Health Week. Learn more about it on APHA's website.

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