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City of Dallas Encourages Health Club Attendance

City of Dallas Working to Cut Obesity Among Its Workers, Encourages Health Club Attendance

According to the Dallas News, the city is implementing an incentive program that gives city workers the chance to earn insurance premium discounts by working out at a health club. The incentive is part of an effort to reduce the unnecessary economic costs incurred by overweight employees. Participants earn points for various healthy lifestyle activities, and once they earn enough points, they get $20 off their monthly premium.
Of the nearly 21,000 people insured under the city's health care plan, almost 80 percent are overweight or obese, says the article. Worse, Dallas holds the record for the heaviest group in America covered by the plan. "It's unacceptable," Mayor Mike Rawlings told the news source. "We've got some treadmills to get on around here."

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