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First Wave of State Legislature Adjournments has Begun, 1 Victory for Health Clubs so far

It is around this time of year (March through June) that the majority of state legislative sessions come to a close. Some states may convene a "special session" later in the year, usually to address one or two specific issues, but for the most part, adjournment means lights out until next session. So far this year, three states have adjourned: Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming. 
3.19 Virginia
Victory! The legislature's adjournment brings an important victory for Virginia health clubs. House Bill 729 (HB 729), which would have imposed a sales tax on health club services, died when the session ended. IHRSA thanks those Virginia held club operators who helped fight HB 729. Note: A special session will be held later this month to finalize the state budget, but IHRSA has confirmation that a health club tax will not be up for discussion. For more information on this issue, visit
3.19 West Virginia
The 2014 West Virginia legislature adjourned on March 14th, without having created any new laws for health clubs in the state. IHRSA carefully reviewed each introduced bill, searching for legislation that could impact the health club industry either positively or negatively, prepared to notify West Virginia clubs when advocacy was needed. To learn more about legal and legislative issues in the state, visit
3.19 Wyoming
Wyoming also adjourned (on March 6th) without having enacted any new laws for health clubs, and like in all other states, IHRSA carefully reviewed each introduced bill, prepared to notify Wyoming clubs when advocacy is needed. To learn more about legal and legislative issues in the state, log on to

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