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Healthy Lifestyles Deserve More Credit, IHRSA Signs Letter In Support

Frustrated with the shortsighted cost-saving estimates of primary prevention measures by the Congressional Budget Office, a coalition of health organizations, including IHRSA, sent a letter asking Congress to pass a bill that allows the CBO to accurately calculate how much money prevention measures could potentially save the U.S. 

The CBO is responsible for providing Congress with cost estimates of proposed federal legislation, and legislators rely on this information when considering supporting a bill. The CBO currently uses a 10-year window to estimate savings generated by prevention measures, but unfortunately 10 years is not enough. It takes much longer for lifestyle changes—exercise, diet, smoking cessation, and others—to set in. 

“As the chronic disease epidemic continues to worsen, so does the need for legislation that will properly allow Congress to see the full savings of enacting prevention-focused measures,” the letter states.

Read the full letter…

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