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IHRSA Calls on Policy Makers to Prioritize “Primary Prevention”

Helen Durkin, IHRSA’s Executive Vice President of Public Policy, has two words for lawmakers: primary prevention.

In an op-ed in Roll Call, a respected DC publication read by lawmakers and aides, Durkin explains the importance of primary prevention (i.e. healthy behaviors like exercise and eating a proper diet) to reducing health care spending.

She writes: “All the fiscal fighting over health care spending and return on investment in the near-term almost entirely misses the concept of primary prevention, which inherently brings longer-term benefits. Economists deliberate over whether certain cancer screenings save or cost our health care system money within a one-, five- or 10-year window. But few seem to recognize a vital tenet for solving our medical spending problem: Health care doesn’t start in the doctor’s office.”

Read the full op-ed here.

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