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HeLP Legislation to Promote Culture of Wellness

In addition to incentivizing health club memberships, the Healthy Lifestyles and Prevention America Act calls for a cultural shift toward wellness and prevention. It requires a regular review of the U.S. Physical Activity Guidelines, which IHRSA members advocated for during the 10th Summit for a Healthier America last year, the industry’s main lobbying event on Capitol Hill. IHRSA would like to thank those members for their dedication and support.

The bill seeks to regularly review the U.S. Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans (which were first published in 2008), based on the most recent scientific research and data about the benefits of physical activity. 

But it’s not just physical activity guidelines. The bill is a comprehensive approach to wellness that addresses proper health in multiple facets of every day American life. According to a news release from the bill’s sponsor, Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA), the Act includes "wellness provisions in a broad range of areas, including expanded access to fresh fruits and vegetables for all low-income elementary schools, tax incentives for businesses that offer comprehensive workplace wellness programs to their employees, improved physical activity and athletic opportunities for individuals with disabilities, and greater oversight with regard to food and tobacco marketing."

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