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United States of Obesity: How States Are Grappling with Cost

The STOP Obesity Alliance recently issued a bulletin on what U.S. states are doing to combat the cost of obesity. In the report, the Alliance identifies several trends, including legislation to enhance community infrastructure to increase access to exercise and consolidate obesity reduction efforts.

According to the Alliance’s report: 

  • Public health organizations are beginning to recognize that utilizing families in childhood obesity solutions is critical because of strong links between parent and child obesity.
  • There is a great need for consolidating obesity efforts. Most states have created some version of a coalition or task force, but these smaller groups tend to fragment and slow progress.
  • Majority of bills introduced to address obesity emphasized creating more supportive environments for healthy choices. “Of the obesity bills that passed, the majority focused on prevention, including creating healthy food environments, improving school nutrition, supporting local agriculture, and encouraging physical activity through creating safe neighborhoods and improved access to existing infrastructure,” said the report.

Read the full report here (PDF).

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