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Report: Obesity Can Get Worse, Need Greater Prevention Services

Findings from the newest edition of F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America’s Future, a report by Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, are unsettling. If current obesity rates continue, it says, every state could have an obesity rate above 44 percent by 2030, and most states could have rates higher than 50 percent. Also, currently, more than a quarter of U.S. adults do not engage in any leisure-time physical activity (i.e., any physical activities or exercises such as running, calisthenics, golf, gardening or walking). 

These findings mean the prevalence of health problems like type 2 diabetes, heart disease and hypertension could increase 10 times by 2020 — and double by 2030. And in 20 years, the report finds, medical costs for treating obesity-related diseases like these in the U.S. will be increasing by $48 billion to $66 billion every year.

In addition to data, the report includes policy recommendations to combat the obesity and inactivity crises. One recommendation is for doctors to screen all adults for obesity and refer patients with a BMI over 30 to intensive weight management counseling (see page 99 of the report for full details). This is in line with US Preventive Task Force’s recommendation, which IHRSA reported on in June.

IHRSA will be attending a briefing on the report next Monday, September 24, 2012 at 9:30AM. For more information, click here

The full F as in Fat report is available for free at

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