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Republicans Say Healthier Lifestyles are Critical

The Republican National Convention is underway in Tampa, FL this week, and yesterday, as a customary part of the event, officials approved the 2012 Republican Party platform. Notably, the platform recognizes the critical need to address obesity and chronic disease through healthier behaviors, in order to protect the US economy.

The platform—a set of basic directives on major policy areas including healthcare, the economy, job growth, foreign policy, the environment, and education—will serve as a guide for Republican policy efforts and messaging over the next four years.

As reported by the Campaign to End Obesity, the platform “reflects a clearer acknowledgement than ever before by the GOP of the budgetary implications of America’s obesity epidemic.” Specifically, the text reads: “Even expensive prevention is preferable to more costly treatment later on. When approximately 80 percent of healthcare costs are related to lifestyle - smoking, obesity, substance abuse - far greater emphasis has to be put upon personal responsibility for health maintenance.” 

Unfortunately, the platform does not get into specific policy initiatives. However, recognizing the need to reduce obesity to lower healthcare costs is still a big step in the right direction, and toward creating environments in which Americans have easy access to regular exercise and healthier food options. 

Learn more about the full platform at the GOP’s official platform website,

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