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DC Tax Authorities Looking To Tax Outdoor Training

According to WAMU, the radio station for the American University in DC, district officials are looking at ways to make money from outdoor fitness classes held in public parks.

Outdoor fitness classes run by commercial companies are a growing trend in the area, says the article, but they are also against the law. This of course puts district lawmakers in a tough spot. “There [are] two ways to look at this: one way is you're providing a service. It's great you are offering something otherwise not being offered for people to get fit and healthy," DC Council member Tommy Wells told WAMU. The other way to look at it, he says, is that, by law, these companies have to pay some form of a sales tax.

Wells, who chairs DC's parks and recreation committee, last month held a hearing on a proposal to loosen the regulations for trainers who hold classes on park property. Under the proposal, trainers would likely have to apply for a permit and either pay a flat fee or a percentage of their revenue.

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