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Must-Read Series on Global Physical Inactivity 

The Lancet, a leading scientific journal, has released a must-read series of articles on global physical inactivity, purposely coinciding with the 2012 Olympics when physical activity is at the forefront of minds around the world. The series offers new findings on the world's state of physical activity, its global effects and evidence-based strategies for effective physical activity promotion, including public policy. 

"The publication of The Lancet Physical Activity Series is a landmark in the field. It elevates the importance of physical inactivity to that of other common chronic disease risk factors such as smoking and obesity,” said lead researcher Peter Katzmarzyk in a statement. “[These articles] demonstrate that 9% of all premature deaths occurring globally could be eliminated if people were more active."

The series also reaffirms the goal of IHRSA member advocates to reduce chronic disease (and resulting medical costs) by promoting the health and economic benefits of regular exercise at a health club.

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