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IHRSA’s Federal Advocacy Efforts Echoed by American Journal of Health Promotion

recent article in a the American Journal of Health Promotion makes the case for adding jobs and reducing the nation’s debt by promoting healthy lifestyles. The article echoes many of the same strategies employed by IHRSA, such as employee wellness programs and incentives for exercise. The author, Michael O’Donnell, says that taking care of our health through regular exercise and proper nutrition will help reduce obesity and disease, the treatment of which make up the majority of US health care costs. 

IHRSA believes that sedentary lifestyles and consequential chronic diseases are a drain on the U.S. economy. In April, 2012, Helen Durkin, IHRSA’s Executive Vice President of Global Public Policy wrote an op-ed featured in McClatchy News, stating, “If we are to effectively fortify the U.S. economy and create conditions for long-term prosperity, we must address the issue of physical inactivity.”

The article in AJHP lends greater support for the issues IHRSA are working to promote, including the Workforce Health Improvement Program Act (WHIP), the Personal Health Investment Today Act (PHIT) and the Fitness Integrated with Teaching Kids Act (FIT Kids Act). Learn more about IHRSA’s federal advocacy efforts

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