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60-Day Extension for ADA Pool Lift Compliance

The White House has issued a 60-day extension to implement the revised ADA Standards for pool lifts. This new deadline comes in response to industry concerns over what many say is insufficient compliance time for pool lifts. The new compliance deadline is May 15, 2012, however, this too may change. It is important to note that the March 15th date remains in effect for all other provisions of the revised ADA Standards.

Now the deadline for installing compliant pool lifts is May 15, 2012, but may be extended again. IHRSA is preparing to submit comments to the Department of Justice in support of another extension. If you have comments you would like to have included, or questions about the issue, please contact IHRSA Public Policy at or (800) 228-4772.

Controversy developed due to confusion over statements made by the Department of Justice (DOJ) when attempting to clarify the new lift standards. In a letter to the American Hotel and Lodging Association, the DOJ stated that all lifts must be “fixed” to pool and spa decks. Requiring lifts to be fixed to the pool or spa is a significant departure from the 2010 ADA Standards, which do not mention anything about “fixed” lifts.

However, in a recent CNN article, a spokesman for the DOJ gave the following response: “An existing pool must do what is readily achievable (affordable and easy). If a fixed lift is affordable and easy for that hotel, they need to provide a fixed lift. If only a portable lift is affordable and easy for that hotel, they can use a portable lift. If they already have a portable lift, they should explore whether it is affordable and easy to attach the lift.  If no lift is achievable, they should make a plan to achieve access when it becomes readily achievable for them.”

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