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Americans Don't Know How to Lose Weight

Compounding (or causing, you decide) the U.S.’s staggering obesity rate is the fact that Americans do not know enough about nutrition and weight loss, says a group of U.S. scientists looking to revolutionize the war against obesity with a new formula for calculating calories and weight loss.

Scientist Kevin Hall, a researcher with the US National Institutes of Health, says most people don’t know that once you lose weight as a result of cutting calories, your body uses less energy and your metabolism can slow, causing a person to “plateau,” as it is often called. As a result, those trying to lose weight get discouraged and go back to unhealthy eating habits. 

Hall said his work aims to "come up with better rules and better predictions of what is going to happen when an individual changes their diet." He and colleagues said their scientific model is aimed to help doctors and policymakers, while a "back-of-the-envelope calculation" for consumers means cutting small amounts of daily calories, but expecting to cut more over time.

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