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IHRSA Speaks up for Kids in Health Clubs

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is in the process of reviewing the U.S. Physical Activity Guidelines and is focusing on youth fitness. IHRSA sent comments to the Department that outlines the fitness industry’s significant contribution to healthy and active kids. 

IHRSA explained how health and fitness centers provide a valuable policy solution to the physical inactivity epidemic. “The health club market serves millions of American children,” reads the comment. “26 percent of commercial health clubs offer youth-specific programming and 20 percent of commercial health clubs offer a kids-only section, according to IHRSA survey data. Additionally, the number of children using commercial health clubs has increased by 209% since 1990.”

IHRSA’s comments also highlight:

  • The safe and supportive environment supplied by health clubs;
  • The variety of activities offered;
  • The positive influence family memberships have on the healthy behavior of adults and children; and
  • The affordability of health clubs for most Americans.

View IHRSA’s complete comments here (Word Doc).

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