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IHRSA: “Proof That Investing in Prevention is Bi-partisan”

Skepticism is growing, as many Americans wonder if it is even possible to get meaningful legislation passed in this historically polarized Washington. But, there is one issue on which both Republicans and Democrats resoundingly agree: we need to manage health care costs through healthy lifestyles.

In an op-ed on The Hill Blog—a Washington, DC publication read widely by legislators and their staff— Helen Durkin, IHRSA’s Executive Vice President of Global Public Policy, takes this message directly to those who need to hear it most: lawmakers.

“Improving America’s health isn’t a partisan issue. It’s political common ground,” writes Durkin, citing several government efforts—including legislation, health promotion initiatives such as the CEO Pledge (spearheaded by the NCPPA and IHRSA) and the formation of business and labor coalitions, all of which are supported by both Democrats and Republicans.

These initiatives could not come at a more necessary time, writes Durkin. “Solving America’s healthcare crisis has become a national imperative—and so has improving America’s health. It is time for us to look beyond partisan differences and embrace the common ground. Only then can we move forward together.”

Read the complete article here.

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