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US Launches First Ever National Prevention Strategy

Last week, the United States National Prevention Council unveiled the first-ever national strategic plan to promote America’s wellbeing through healthy living. The strategy requires a range of federal agencies to consider prevention in everything they do, and aims to get Americans to view health care as more than drugs and scans. In addition to proper nutrition, tobacco cessation and curbing substance abuse, the National Prevention Strategy makes recommendations for policies and infrastructure that will allow greater access to facilities for safe and effective exercise.

“The launch of the National Prevention Strategy is a large and positive step toward making America a culture of wellness and prevention, where instead of sick-care system, we have a true health care system that acts proactively to prevent and reduce chronic disease and obesity,” said IHRSA President and CEO, Joe Moore.

More information on the National Prevention Strategy can be found at


Reader Comments (2)

When we as business people read the words that the congressional gym memberships are partially subsidized by the federal government, (i.e. you and me), we immediately want to know what percentage of the REAL FULL total cost of that membership do the words partially subsidize refer to. Nothing is said about the fact that senators pay twice as much as congressmen. Why? Can the true answers be found in searching the General Accounting Office Reports? Probably not. Yet I would gladly forego those answers in trade for the answer of yes to the essential question: Shouldn't all Americans have the same access to fitness subsidies as members of Congress? Yes, three times yes! Indeed, in a fair country that really shouldn't be so hard to achieve.
June 22, 2011 | Registered Commenterrick holder
@ Rick Holder - Thanks for your comment. Yes, it's very important to know the true cost of the gym, especially since the cost of giving subsidies to Americans for fitness would only cost $526 million over ten years. This is a small amount of money (relative to other federal initiatives, legislation, etc.)
- Lilly, IHRSA
June 23, 2011 | Registered CommenterLilly Prince
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